Monday, May 27, 2019

Cleaner for WhatsApp for Android - APK Download - Razza Products

What a wonderful feature has come in WhatsApp Through which you can do a lot You will need an application for this.You looked a lot When you talk to someone on whatsapp You get voice sms, the video Picture And Audios,But some duplicate files Because of which the memory of your mobile is full ! In this condition this Application  will be very useful for you.

Main Features:-

Delete all duplicates in 1 minute

1.All duplicated videos will be deleted in 1 minute

2. Will be deleted from all duplicate pictures in 1 minute

3.All duplicate audio  will be deleted in 1 minute

4.Duplicate documents will be deleted in 1 minute

5.Duplicate Profile Pictures will be deleted in 1 minute

6. Deletes all duplicate Files in 1 minute

This application has to be downloaded by clicking on the download button below! Click on the download button and install this app!